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16th Dec 2018

Hi everyone, 
It's Astrophel_
AKA - Astro, Astraw, ItsMagic, Magic, Astropleb, Astrorish.
Age: 19 years old
Residence: United States, California
Former country: Israel
Languages: 5 (don't mind me, just a bit bragging XD)

Some of you may know me back from another Minecraft server which shut down recently. I'd say I was pretty well known there mainly because of my balance. Anyway, if you happen to live under a rock and never heard of me before here's a little intro.

-Videogames, I started playing videogames from age 5. The first game I ever played was Super Mario not sure which one though. However, I remember it was on one of those old-school, cube-like computers. I also played on Atari 2600, NES, and PlayStation 2. 14 years later I still enjoy playing videogames, whether they are single-player or multi-player.

I have astrophilia -astrophilia (uncountable) (rare) Love of and/or obsession with planets, stars, and outer space.
From childhood, I remember telling my parents I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. Well now that I'm grown up, I'm studying astronautical/aerospace engineering. Yes, it's nothing like "astronaut" but it's better.

Astrophilia is also the origin of my username.

Sports - My favorite sport is soccer, but I like playing all except the following: tennis, golf, baseball.

Music - I'm picky about music. I enjoy classic hip hop/rap, alternative, rock, trap, and a little of pop music. I also enjoy playing musical instruments, such as, piano, drums, xylophone and trumpet.

I think that pretty much sums everything up...

Forum » Community » Introduction
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