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13th Dec 2018

ay, its zakazakarav, or  zakarav as im know in discord and in-game,
i am not russian, tho i do(n't) support the ussr in its uprising xD 
i'm 69 years old and 420 years till my birthday.
i build, and im good at that (hence the builder rank xD) 
i've played minecraft for just under 6 years, and for 4 of those years i played on another passive factions server which recently went down.
if you know me from that certant server that disbanded, then hello, nice to see you again, 
my other account was _Eragon_ but this one is premium so i like my skins.
if you want to be t0xic, go ahead, justice will be dished by trolling
yes, i do troll, how? you'll find out, sometime,
irl, i do a few things, im pretty serious about martial arts, get to lead the class sometimes
i go mountain biking a LOT and if im not online, im probs biking in the woods
in minecraft i can do a few things too! so if you need help shoot me a dm! i can do :

small redstone projects,
and making auto farms... 

Get to dee choppahhhhh!!!!11!1~~
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13th Dec 2018

First off .... welcome to FireKage.
Secondly trolling can be punished up to and including a ban.
Third if your gonna disclose info such as age please be realistic and stop using those silly kid numbers such as 69 and 420. Its borderline pathetic to read such drivel

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15th Dec 2018

oh the poor server, more autofarms, Welcome to the team Zakarava looking forward to seeing your work, glad to have you here

Forum » Community » Introduction
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