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if you get griefed, Don't worry, We can see who broke what blocks and who stole what from which chest, and we can rollback the damage, just report it here and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.
if you saw anyone advertising or ban evading or breaking any of the rules, please report it here .

How do I report someone?

It's pretty simple.
If you got griefed, Make a new topic  {Call it "Grief"}
and use the following format

  • In-Game Name:
  • Faction:
  • What was taken:
  • Who do you suspect and Why:
  • Coordinates [X Y Z]:

Here's an example :

  • In-Game Name: BoomTheDonut
  • Faction: Fluff
  • What was taken: an enderchest
  • Who do you suspect and Why: Bob, cause he acted so wierd when i told him i was griefed
  • Coordinates: 203 65 -554

For any other type of report just include your in-game name, faction name, suspect and a screenshot proof if possible .

Forum » Community Support & Help » Player Report Locked
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