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29th Jun 2016

Hello everyone, Drawminik here!

So it's been 4-5 days that I spent on the server and I started to notice some issues with it. well, it's not a bad thing, just some stuff that I think could be changed / added. I should put an emphasis that these are only suggestions, I know absolutely nothing about making that stuff work or is it even possible to do. I'd like to hear what are your thoughts about those ideas.

1. Spawn - the spawn has been spawned (hehe) yesterday and it looks cool, BUT, it still looks a bit odd, like it doesn't fit there. My idea is to make it look like something spawned it there (I gotta stop this). It's a huge red building in the center of a plain, we could use sand, wool, netherrack etc to make it look like the spawn is spreading it's.... color red, through the environment around him. Trees half burnt, scorched ground around it and much more.

2. Roads - so the thing with roads, first of all, I wouldn't want to be able to teleport everywhere around the map. I'd like to have only basic teleport abilities like /f home or /f base. I think it would be cool to have official roads (that are protected from griefing even though they are in wilderness) that stretch amongst the bigger factions and lead to spawn. Those main roads could have beacons installed that give speed so it would make travelling a bit easier. And they could look really neat if done nicely

3. PvP - I've seen some people come on just to be disappointed when I told them that there's no real PvP. My idea would be to leave the server mostly safe. When you are in your faction territory, you are safe from PvP, but when you get into the wilderness, all PvP is allowed. The thing with new players is a problem tho, BoomTheDonut said that it would be impossible but I'd still like to make a suggestion and hope that someone comes up with a way to make it happen. New players could have a protection for the first 7 days on the server. They might be put to some default faction that is allied with everyone so that no one can hurt them. After 7 days they can join a faction or make their own. Here's my reason why would I do this: in those 7 days you give them ability to earn 10 000 gold to make their own faction (Mud$lide mentioned it) and it should be ok because if someone stayed for 7 days on the server he is more likely to invest more time in it. Also, we could avoid the risk of people accepting random new people to their faction and then getting griefed. New players would have 7 days to gain trust of some faction and maybe join it later. With the new players safe n sound, the bigger factions could have their dose of fun with killing each other and organising wars. 

I know that the PvP thing is probably impossible to do and you have plans for another server, but it might be a good idea to focus your work on one server rather than two. Make this one epic, with all this new stuff you could start a whole new rank of servers. 

I hope to hear your thoughts about this soon, would love to see this happen

c ya in da minez
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19th Jul 2016

Stuff you suggested is going to be done anyways just still on our to do list
We are trying hard to get stuff done as We are able too.

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