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/f help ( shows a list of all the commands )
/f list ( shows a list of all the factions, the list is sorted by the factions with the most current members online )
/f f ( shows your current faction + information about it )
/f map ( shows an ascii map of the territory's next to you. Never use the /f map coordinates, use f3 instead )
/f map on ( a new map will be generated as you walk around, making it easier to get to certain factions without having to type /f map all the time )
/f p [name] ( shows the amount of claims a member of your faction adds. Always 8. )
/f home ( teleports you to the faction home )
/f sc ( See the borders of the chunk you are in )

Joining inviting and leaving
/f join [factionname] ( Lets you join the faction you typed)
/f leave ( Lets you leave your current faction )
/f flag set open yes ( Makes your faction open, everyone is able to join now )
/f i a [name] ( invites a player to your faction )
/f i r [name] ( deinvites the player )
/f i l ( lists invited members )

/ch f ( Enters your own faction chat, only faction members can see your text's )
/ch a ( Enters the allied faction chat, all your ally's can see your text's )
/ch g ( Enters the global server chat, everyone can hear you now )
/ch l ( Enters the local chat. Only players within 100 blocks from you can hear you. )
/ch h ( Enters the help channel chat, only to be used when actual help, questions are needed.)
/ch t ( Enters the trade channel chat, where you can buy and sell.)

/f create [name] ( lets you create a faction )
/f desc [desc] ( sets your faction description )
/f name [name] ( changes the faction name )
/f sethome ( sets the faction home to your current position )
/f claim o ( claims ONE chunk of land for your faction )
/f unclaim o ( unclaims ONE chunk of land of your faction )
/f kick [name] ( kicks a player out your faction )
/f promote [name] ( makes a player officer in your faction )
/f demote [name] ( removes officer status )
/f leader [name] ( makes a player the owner of your faction )
/f title [name] [title] ( gives a faction member a custom title )

/f ally [factionname] ( makes your faction allied with an other faction )
/f truce [factionname] ( makes your faction in truce with another faction )
/f neutral [factionname] ( makes your faction neutral towards an other faction )
/f enemy [factionname] ( makes your faction enemy towards an other faction )

Faction Access Permissions
/f perm s [factionname] ( Shows you the permission's you have set )
/f access v ( Show chunk permissions )
/f access p [playername] ( Gives a single player access to a single chunk. Repeat to remove )
/f access f [factionname] ( Gives a faction access to a single chunk. Repeat to remove )
/f perm set [permission] [lea/off/mem/rec/all/tru/neu/ene] [yes/no]

lea = leader
off = officer/faction mod
mem = member
rec = recruit
all = allies
tru = truce
neu = neutral
ene = enemy

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Forum » Factions » General Faction Chat Locked
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