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If you need your password reset in game, follow this format:
In-game name: 
Date last successfully logged in:
A few of the items in your inventory or enderchest:
Approx. money amount:
If you have any other problems  with your in game account, use this format:
In-game name: 
Description of issue:
Date last successfully logged in:
If you have any problems with a forum account, please post with a description of what the problem is.
You cannot post account requests for someone else. We need to be able to match IP addresses with the forum post and the game.
You may bump your thread ONCE PER DAY!! (24 Hours) DO NOT BUMP MORE THAN THAT!
Do not PM staff after already posting a thread. If we don't get to it right away, it's because nobody has been able to get to it yet. PMing us will only piss us off, not make us get to is quicker.
Don't hijack other peoples thread, MAKE YOUR OWN
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Forum » Community Support & Help » Account Issues
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