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Overview of faction power:
Every user is allowed to claim 8 16 x 16 chunks of land. As a faction grows, each player adds 8 more chunks available for that faction, up to a total of 200 chunks. That's 25 players for 200 power. When you go over 25 players your power will not increase. This requires a mod/admin to increase your faction's power.

Request for power:
As we are here to look after, improve, and promote this server; there will be a process for requesting additional power for your faction. We must see that you add value to the server in tasteful, artistic, and/or epic buildings. You must submit your request with the following information:

1. Faction owner must submit for power increase.
2. Add screenshots of your building prowess including coordinates. (Buildings, flatscapes, farms, redstone, etc.)
3. Explain how you would use the extra power.

We will look at all aspects of your faction including current unused land. At 200 power, that is 51,200 square blocks of space. That's a lot of area. We will decide how much additional power based upon the information we receive and what we see at the faction.

This will not be added as permanent power. But a power boost to the faction. This means that if you drop below 25 members, you will lose power. 

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Forum » Factions » Faction PowerBoost Request Locked
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