About (Project) FireKage

About FireKage:  
FireKage project is run entirely in the spare time of our wonderful Staff and helpers. We stride hard to provide the best experience to the players we possibly can. This is why FireKage is considered a "project" since we are always improving, tweaking to help get the best experience we can. The project will never be completely considered "finished" since there always be something we can do better or make it better. The server is a community where we get to know each other and help each other out.  

FireKage first started back in 2013 by Mud$lide as an idea. got a few old friends on and started to build on on a private server slowly it grew some but due to real life issues the project was halted and slowly forgotten until 2015 when FireKage return but as a secret project Mud$lide would work on it and develop it for sometime till word got out and the project finally went public of it's returned.  With the help of His Developer Boom (Boom_donut) the project rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and it was fully reborn once again. 

FireKage newest installment will be "BadLands."  A server/ world dedicated to Pvp raid and much more.

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